Dress Tips for Plus Size Women

One of the problems that often faced by plus size women is difficult to find clothes that are suitable for their body. Well, calm down, choosing clothes for women plus size is not as difficult as you imagined. There are simple tips to try to make Sista more comfortable and more confident with your clothes. Let's check the tips out!

V-Neck Dress or Tops

The vertical shape of the V-neck will give you a thinner impression. Tops or dresses with this model are one of the most preferred because it can make your neck line look taller and thinner. V-neck has an open neckline that makes the focus of attention goes to the bottom so as to avoid eye sight from the round face and neck.

Bigellas Plain V-Neck Big Blouse

Levals Plain V-neck Big Blouse

Ahalya Plain V-Neck Big Blouse

Choose the right motif

The motif that plus size women needs to avoid is clothes with horizontal stripes because it will make women with plus size body look wider. Sista can choose vertical stripes motif because it can give the impression of a taller and slimmer body.

Kheallin Stripe Cape Big Jumpsuit

Nuriven Stripe Flare Big Mini Dress

Bareerah Stripe Pleated Big Blouse

Choose asymmetrical dress or tops

Sista can choose clothes with an asymmetrical model on the arms or at the bottom part. Asymmetrical accents on the arms can give the impression of sleeker arms, while the asymmetrical accents at the bottom part can give the impression of slimmer hips.

Saisamiya Two Tone Asymmetric Big Blouse

Salyane Two Tone Asymmetric Big Blouse